A Thankful Heart

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

As we approach Thanksgiving and we get ready to gather with family and friends, let us remember to have a thankful heart.

A heart that is thankful does these:

1. A thankful heart keeps us rejoicing. Remember that the promises of God don't change.

2. A thankful heart refuses to give the devil the upper hand. When we become bitter we crowd out the work of God in our lives. Even though your circumstances don't change, we are not chained to our circumstances. A thankful heart rises above the circumstances.

3. A thankful heart focuses on what's left, not what's lost.

4. A thankful heart leads to generosity. God is generous and when we focus on Him, we can't help but be generous. Everything we have God has given to us. God wants to develop a heart of gratitude in us.

5. A thankful heart is a connected heart. God will do whatever it takes to make us see that he's real. When we are thanking God, it keeps us connected to Him.

We must be grateful for everything that comes on a daily basis. We truly have so much to be thankful for. If you want someone to invest in you, be thankful.It's not only Thanksgiving but thanks-living!

Thanksgiving changes everything.







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