Can You be Alone with God

Friday, June 29, 2018

The lights that were once dimmed are now turned on. Someone let in the light. And you are not surrounded by the crowd anymore. It is just you and your thoughts. The voice in your head questions… Can you be alone with God?

For many of us, weekdays can turn into a never-ending cycle. Wake up. Turn on the Nespresso. Get dressed for work. Finish the house chores. Be your kid’s personal driver. Squeeze in a movie night or dinner date. Attend parent-teacher night. And then come crashing into Sunday like it’s our saving grace.

But what happens when the music fades, and the pastor walks off the stage? It is just you and God. The checklists can’t get you through another week. Sunday can’t come soon enough.

Your Father in Secret

We have read about the public life Jesus led, his ministry, the many miracles he performed. Yet, there were many times the disciples recount when Jesus went to a quiet place to pray. He didn’t just have a public relationship with his Father. Jesus had an even stronger relationship with Him in secret.

Luke 22 reminds us that Jesus had the custom of going to the Mount of Olives to pray. At one point, he withdrew from his disciples and prayed earnestly (Luke 22:44). It was then that an angel appeared to him and strengthened him. Jesus wasn’t standing in a room with hundreds of other Christians. He wasn’t at the latest gospel conference. Jesus didn’t need the percussion instruments to liven up his spirit. He simply went to his usual place, knelt down and prayed.

When You Pray

We see again in Matthew 6 the key to prayer. In verse 6, we are reminded that our Father sees what we do in secret and will reward us. This is a beautiful image of our relationship with God. “But when you pray,” reads Matthew 6:6, “go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen…”

Are we just waiting for Sunday to raise our hands and pray? Sometimes our schedules leave little room outside of Sunday morning to open our mouths in praise. So if that is true, shouldn’t something change? If Jesus made it a priority to seek his father, so should we.

Find Your Rhythm

Some say, show me your friends and I will show you your future. The same holds true for your walk with God. Show me your agenda, and I will show you the condition of your heart. Are we prioritizing time with God? Is He part of your daily routine, week in and week out? What does your iCal say about your secret relationship with God?

Okay, so how do we make a habit of spending time with God along with brewing our favorite espresso? We stretch it daily and strengthen it until it is part of our every day. It’s like working out a muscle. You wouldn’t just complete four sets of 25 bicep curls and expect the muscle to grow overnight. Instead, you train it several days a week, for months—years—and continue the practice unless you want the muscle to revert to its previous flabby condition.

In much the same way, our spirit needs a daily connection to our Father in heaven. We stretch our prayer muscles and lift some weights in our soul. Then we discover that our faith becomes stronger the more we work out. We don’t need to turn on that YouTube video and listen to Amazing Grace to feel the peace we seek. All we need to do is go to our usual place, kneel down and pray.


Author: Diana R.


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