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Thursday, October 19, 2017

When did you join your first Connect Group?

I joined my first Connect Group in May of 2016. I started coming to church in August 2015. After 9 months of walking in and out of every service, I wanted more. I decided to take my next steps; so I got baptized, began serving, and joined my connect group.


What was your expectation going into the group?

I joined my connect group with the expectation of making new friends, learning, and growing spiritually.


What has your experience been like?

My experience has been awesome! I know that God placed me in my group. He knew that I was going to need lots of love and support as I went through this season of my life. He surrounded me with the most amazing group of women and through them I could feel His love and comfort.


Tell us about a time when your Connect Group supported you?

I was going through my divorce and these amazing women were by my side every step of the way. They were my support group. They encouraged me, they prayed for me, they were a shoulder to cry on. I honestly don't know how I would've gotten through it all without them.


What have you learned from being part of a Connect Group?

That they are vital. Life is not easy, but so much better when we surround ourselves with people that will walk alongside you and uplift and support you without judgment.


What would you say was the best thing that came out of you joining a Connect Group?

The amazing friends that I now have. I believe that they are lifelong friendships.


Why do you believe in Connect Groups?

I believe in Connect Groups because it is the way to meet and connect with people, that you otherwise would not. I believe in them because of the impact it has made in my own life. Life is so much better with Connect Groups. They are a blessing. That is why I choose to lead my first group this cycle. I hope to bless and be blessed by the women in my group, just as I was blessed by my group.


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Lisette Nevarez




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