Dead & Gone

Monday, April 04, 2016

We started a new series “Design Born for More”…

We all love our personal space and when we move on in life, we remember the pictures and the way we used to have our own space. We have been given a new life in Jesus, but many times we forget all about it and we go back to our former ways and we forget what Jesus has done for us. Then we start wondering why we are acting like this or that and why we are living like if nothing has changed.

The gospel is about change and choices in our personal life (See 2 Corinthians 5:17).The old is gone and the new is here because of Jesus.We are no longer liars, cheaters, adulterers. By the fruit of the spirit we start treating our friends, parents, children & spouses different. We are not dead in our sins but alive in Christ.In HIM we start making better choices, to live the life HE wants us to live, without our heads down and no shame (See John 10:10).

This message is titled Dead & Gone, Ephesians 1: 1-14.It is a powerful book, the first 3 chapters of Ephesians is the change in our lives through power in Jesus and our identity with HIM. The 3 last chapter is about how it looks in life.

God has already given us more than we think so we can live out this life more than we know.We don’t need to live as beggars.As we see in the first chapter of Ephesians we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing to live a life abundantly, but we need to be connected with the main source, the one that is all power Christ Jesus. As we see in verses 1 to 14 we have been chosen, redeemed & anointed more than we can think of. We have an inheritance when we believe in Jesus and no matter how big our sin has been in the past, nothing can separate from HIM.

Don’t be as fixated on your condition, as you should be in your position. Sin does not rule our lives, because of Jesus Christ the old man is gone (See Romans 6:6-14). What Jesus accomplished is not to celebrate once a year, because HE took our place, went to the grave and resurrected.

Let’s stop the gossip and pray for one another, stop pointing fingers, judging and criticizing.We were designed and Jesus gave us the life we are supposed to live, a life that is not only to inspire us but to edify us.


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