Empty Hands

Sunday, February 28, 2016

This past Sunday Pastor Sagot brought us a message titled “Empty Hands”. (See Philippians 2: 1-11).
In this passage we see Paul writing to the church of Philippe sharing the suffering of Jesus and how HE came himself to the earth as a servant to serve you and I.

We all spend too much time working overtime, or loading ourselves with material things. We compete to see who has the best house, clothes, and shoes; it is all about the looks. We work so hard and many times we neglect our families. We all want to be living like kings, but no one wants to be servants.
Jesus came and left HIS throne to be a servant, took off his crown to put a crown of thorns.

1-If we take our eyes off ourselves; we can see others who need help. We should be ready to give a word of encouragement or help a family. Even if we are facing issues, we need to see how we can serve others maybe giving a hand in a financial crisis, feeding them. It is easy to talk and promise things to others, but it’s the actions that really count. It is easy to live for ourselves and not for others. (See Jeremiah 29:11).

2-Life is not about what we take so instead live to give. We need to realize that we don’t take anything to heaven. We live trying to accumulate so many material things. Instead of holding everything give everything. The blessings we get is for us to bless someone else. We don’t want to go to heaven with empty hands.

3- If our hearts is to see our city saved, then our hand has to be open to serve. We need to create some margin in our lives to serve, in the church, in the community, giving a smile, a word of encouragement. Maybe we can give some of our time as a greeter, as an usher, feeding the homeless.
Jesus loved people, HE humble himself to serve… What can we do to serve others?



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