Fresh Oil

Monday, February 29, 2016

Our daily lives are full of so many activities that we don’t have space for God.We spend life in meetings, games, our phones, social media, TV and we miss the thing we need the most which is the spirit of God. HE does not want pretenders or attendees; HE wants to fill us up but because we don’t make time for God we end up getting dry. We need to decrease so we may increase in HIM.

This week’s message is from the book of 2 King 4: 1-7, titled “Fresh Oil.” We see a widow left with many debts and desperately ran to a man of God by the name of Elisha that guided her on how to getoil and sell it to have enough to cover her debts and more. It also shows us how the Holy Spirit wants to fill our jars with HIS presence.

How we can live the miracles from God?

We need to continually kill the noise so that we can clearly hear God’s voice. We need to learn to shut down the news, our cellular, presidential campaigns, and sports and make time for God. Many times HE is giving us direction for our lives but we fail to hear HIM because of our busy lives. Let’s set a quiet place where we get on our knees and be filled with Holy Spirit.

We need to make space to receive because God has much more to give. The widow filled out all the jars with oil until there were no more jars left. God wants to pour us into our live and bless us, free of stress, depression and anxieties. (See Mathew 5:6, Ephesians 5:18. When we ask for the Holy Spirit to fill us up, HE will not stop pouring into our lives.

We need to be constantly renewed, so we can be consistently pursued. Weneed to stop living in yesterday’s oil. Sometimes we can’t continue going because we are doing it on our own strength. We need to live more in personal devotion than public emotion. Let’s be full of fresh oil continuously by going after HIM.

“OH Holy Spirit burn like a fire, Oh consume me, consume me.Here in your presence Lord I surrender to your Glory for your Glory”.


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