Get Margin Even when

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Get Margin Even When….(Acts 16: 19-31)

For many of us, it’s good to find something we know we have and we forgot all about it. We tend to forget the many good things God has given us. We may not have everything we want, but he has given us HIS grace and HIS mercy. (See Psalm 103).

One of the weapons God has given us is that of worship. Even if we don’t understand it, worshiping is very powerful and is something that happens in our soul. Worshiping needs to be include in ourdaily lives, even when we feel depressed, upside down, worry with family or marriage problems. It will change the way we walk with God.

Sometimes God allows trouble because we get our biggest
breakthroughs. We see the passage of the demon possessed girl following Paul. But he rebukes the demon that possessed the girl and Paul gets thrown in jail and then he began to worship God. We are not shaken by what we see, we are convinced by what we know.

Which brings us to the following important points:

We are not shaken by what we see we are convinced by what we know.
Don’t look at the problem that is around us and put our eyes on God.In the passage we see how Paul put his eyes on God and not on the innermost of the prison. God is the alpha and the omega, HE will never leave us or forsake us. HE is with us in every circumstances of our lives. We need to proclaim it with our mouth all the time.

Worship is not a reaction to feelings it is a response to truth.
We don’t worship according to or depending on our emotions. There has to be true worship no matter what circumstances we are facing. God is good, worthy and faithful always. Paul proclaimed this truth at the lowest time of his life.
Even when things don’t make sense we need to worship with the spirit.

Worship is more than song we sing, it’s a weapon to use.
Worship changes all the atmosphere. It has power, delivers, breaks chains (See Psalm 34). We are all in the middle of a spiritual war and worship will leave the enemy confused. (See Ephesians 6) Out fight is not against flesh but against principalities; and worship can break these kinds of things.


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