How to Stay Connected After Youth Camp

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

There is no experience quite like a week at youth camp. A whole week away from your parents and the distractions of social media, filled with days at the pool (my favorite!), the blob, random karaoke sessions, a few pranks with your friends, sleepless nights and so much more. Not only is it fun, but camp also creates an environment for young people to have a powerful encounter with God.

Students worshiped with all their hearts, prayed for one another, while tears flowed as they let go of their weaknesses and struggles, discovering that in Christ they were born for more than just fitting in, but that they were called to stand out.

Camp is an experience that you have to be there to fully understand how incredible it really is. Sadly we couldn’t stay longer and the week always goes by so fast. Before you know it, students are on the bus heading back to the real world where temptation awaits them.

How do you stay on “fire” for Jesus after such a deep experience? How do you stay connected after Youth Camp ends?


1. Realize that the same God that you encountered at camp didn't stay at camp

Psalm 46:1(NIV) tells us that God is our ever-present help. Meaning, just because you leave camp doesn't mean your relationship with Him comes to an end. He is always ready to help you, He is always with you, and He will leave you nor forsake you!

You can talk to God always through prayer and He will listen. Doesn't matter the place or time.


2. Whom you're connected to is where your life will be directed to

As soon as you get home from camp the best decision you can make is to get connected to the Church. Every Friday night Calvary Youth meets and we worship, learn, and have fun together. We need to stay away from the toxic relationships that will harm your walk with God. We have Connect Groups where you can find friends your age who will push you closer to God and not pull you away from Him. The more connected you are to Godly people, the more you will be connected to God himself!


3. Start serving so you don't start swerving

At camp you understand that you are gifted and the gifts that God has given you, are meant to serve others! Church is a great place to serve and use your gifts to help others! Want to stay on track for God? Then start serving others. You can join a team (film, photography, worship, media, etc.) and get plugged in so you don't swerve off the path God has for you!


4. Distractions will lead to destruction

Camp is awesome because the distractions of your phone, internet, social media, and environment don't come with you on the bus, but they wait for you when you get back. Fight to not get distracted by the things that kept you from having a close relationship with Jesus. Replace your social media time with bible time, switch your phone time with prayer time. In order to stay close to Jesus, you have to stay focused on Jesus.

I have been to 6 camps and coming back from camp isn't always easy but you can do it. I truly believe these 4 tips can help you as they have helped me.



Phil Mion



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