I Will Not Lose

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Has a wave hit you so hard that you feel helpless, lost or confused?.....Humanity goes through trying to make some sense of life and find fulfillment in relationships, money, stock or financial status and then one day you realize everything is gone…

This past Sunday we celebrated a risen Savion and a message titled “I will not lose”.Jesus is the answer and the solution, everything will fail us but Jesus will never fail us.HE is hope.(See Joh 3: 16-17).

God sent His Son to redeem us, therefore… (Mark 24: 1-8)

Let go of what you think is life and embrace the ONE who is the life. We need to let go what we hold on to. (See Joh 4: 13-14). We can drink the water of this world but with Jesus, we will never thirst again. We need to embrace Him because life is only found in HIM (See John 14:6)

Jesus was raised from the grave, so that you wouldn’t have to live in one.The devil will tell us that we are not going to make it; because he wants us to have a grave in our health, broken marriage and in our finances. But we celebrate that Jesus was not held in the grave and he crushed death.Jesus then resurrected so we can rise again. HE rose from the ashes so we are not stuck in the grave of our lives.

Whatever life throws at us, note that is only temporary; we have a life that will last forever. Through the trial, we will be refined that we will become better.

In this life we may be devastated, but we will never be broken I will not lose. Jesus rose again so we pass through death storms.Does it matter what we let go on this side?We have more in the other side; a life of victory a life that is not final.(See 2 Corinthians 4: 16-18)



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