In Sickness and In Health

Thursday, August 17, 2017

As we stand at the altar, looking into our soon to be spouses eyes, we want to see everything as just right and hopefully great forever. We are most likely not thinking of things that may go wrong, or that one day the love of our life may not be the same person we are standing there with. But when we utter those words to each other, as we profess our love and commitment, “in sickness and in health”, do we actually accept the possibility of having to employ those words one day.

I would imagine that we would all pray for a long, healthy and prosperous marriage. I know that none of us would want to imagine actually having to go through it, but what would we truly do if we had to face that trial of a sick loved one. What if our perfect vision of how our marriage and life were suddenly detoured because of a debilitating disease or traumatic injury? We would need to be grounded and dependent on The Lord in every facet so that He could strengthen us for such a time. So many times we see sickness befall the people around us, we can’t expect it not to happen to us.

What if we were prepared for that kind of love for our spouse, even though we would pray that such a tragedy would never happen? We could say that we love someone when things are going beautifully and we’re not facing any bumps in the road.If both of us are doing great and are healthy, it can be simple to love someone. But, if our love is dependent on how someone makes us feel or what our spouse can do for us our disappointment would be immeasurable. What would happen when we have to provide for many of the needs in our spouse’s life? Would our love be prepared to help our spouse without getting anything in return? Could we show a love as deeply rooted as our love is for Christ?Or better yet, as Christ’s love is for us?

Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her.”

If we make sure to root our love in our Heavenly Father and Savior, then that love can be shared with our spouse, regardless of their health or what they can do for us. We need to have that kind of sacrificial love that was demonstrated for us by Christ. I would pray that if any such tragedy would be encountered in my marriage or family, my love for them would be deep enough to endure it because I’m using the love of my God as my gauge. When faced with, and changed by the unfailing and perfect love of my Father, how can I not pour that same love out on my wife? Although I would not want to imagine my marriage ever having to face such a thing, I would pray that Jesus would be my anchor and example of love, so that I can pour that love out for my girl or she for me. I used to think of “sickness and health” in a passive manner and that we would be fine no matter what because we loved each other. The truth is that prayer and having the heart of Jesus towards each other is vital in keeping us from resenting, forgetting, or getting angry at each other if we are sick. We must remind ourselves that no matter what we will be ok because He, first loved us. Pray for health, prosperity and a beautiful marriage, but also pray for an indescribable love that can only come from God if sickness, mental or physical, befalls on our loved ones.



Rich & Yoly McCarthy


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