Just Know

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What happens when we have high expectations and they are broken? When we think God is nowhere to be found and we don’t see HIS hand?

Pastor Sagot brings us a message “Just Know”, because even if we walk out of church because we think HE does not moves in our lives; know that it is all about HIS plan. “Let YOUR will be done”, the Bible mentions, but in the back of our minds we want our will to be done.

We need to trust God. HE is sovereign; HIS ways are not our ways. HE understands what we don’t understand. We need to declare that our faith is secure in the Lord, not in money, or a person, our business.(See Psalm 20:7) God has a track record that is perfect.

In the passage we see Jesus entering Jerusalem, and the crowd was expecting a political leader, without knowing that Jesus was something bigger. Jerusalem claimed Hossana, Hossana (come to save us) without knowing that HE will become a bigger bloodshed.

This brings us to,

We may not always get what we want but will always get what we need.The crowd was looking for someone to save them from oppression but Jesus will come to get the oppression of our souls. Jesus came to solve a bigger issue to destroy sin and death. HE came to defeat evil.The Romans were corrupted but we are all corrupted (See Mark 7: 20-23), because the source of the pollution is our own heart.Jesus became the source of all humanity, healing and salvation, HE will fulfill our souls.

Do you crucify God when you don’t get what you want? We need to fear God, HE is the controller of our souls.

We may not always understand God’s methods, but we can always trust HIS results. He will work all things for the good of all who love HIM. Don’t forfeit HIS plans because we think our plans are better than HIS. Always remember that joy comes in the morning when we face darkness.


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