Leadership: From Good to Great

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

As leaders, we all have the opportunity to influence the success of not just our ministry, but also the church as a whole. This influence can be both positive or negative. As godly leaders, we must strive for our influence to be the former and not the latter. As Godly leaders, our main concern must be the people's personal growth and success. If we want to positively influence our team members, we must think carefully about changes we can make in these five areas.


1. Accept the challenge.


Godly leaders embrace the challenge of leadership. They understand it is not only a calling but also a way of life, and they sincerely want to work with people and help them succeed. This may sound simple enough, but it is not always easy. To work with people, you must constantly remind yourself that your job is to motivate, support and remove obstacles so your teammates can do their jobs.


2. Be Real.


Godly leaders do not rely on gimmicks or quick fixes to overcome challenges. Godly leaders consider themselves life long learners, and they constantly put into practice what they have learned (Proverbs 16:16). They are always looking for ways to help teammates improve their ability to achieve excellence. The key is to keep learning and evolving. Don’t be afraid to expose yourself to new ideas and discover what works for you as a leader by putting these ideas into practice.


3. Partner with your Teammates.


Godly leaders continually cultivate relationships with their teammates, they work alongside their people to meet goals and help them grow. Build solid relationships with your teammates by having good two-way communication and clear understanding of goals. Always be looking for opportunities to give your teammates more responsibility. Provide them with the support they need for success and work with them to make great things happen.


4. Two-way trust a must.


Godly leaders build and maintain open and honest communication with their teammates. Encourage them to communicate constructively among themselves and with you. This promotes two-way trust and an environment in which they feel empowered to speak out when challenged or frustrated without fearing reprisal. Your teammates should feel they can celebrate as a group when things are going well and confident to seek out solutions when challenged.


5. Be open to new ideas.


Godly leaders listen to their teammates ideas. When your teammates feel valued and trusted, they create and innovate. Take the time to listen to them. Validate their ideas even if they will not be implemented. Encourage them to brainstorm. Use technology and tools creatively and efficiently, but don't overlook the potential of one of your greatest assets: your teammates. Be open to their ideas and implement them when they make sense.


We can all be godly leaders starting today. What are you waiting for?

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Pastor JP


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