More Than Able

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Have you ever felt inadequate? That feeling that makes you believe you are not good enough, not qualified, not gifted and can send you into a state of fear, doubt, and insecurity. If you have, you are not alone! I believe that this is one of the biggest lies that the enemy would want us to believe in order to keep us paralyzed and trapped in a place where we will never truly fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. I have realized that some of the moments where I have felt more inadequate have been the moments God has used to develop my gifts and grow my faith. These moments that started as doubt turned into clear signs that I was exactly where I belonged and had been called for.  

In the book of Exodus 4:1-17, God is telling Moses what he needs to do, He reassures him that He will be by his side helping him, yet Moses disqualifies himself because he feels he can’t speak. God reminds Moses that He is the one that will equip him for every task He sets before him, and I believe this to be true in our lives as well. I believe that God will always equip us and walk with us along the road He sets before us, any circumstance, challenge, or task.

My hope and prayer is that we would take a moment to think, reflect and ask God to reveal any area of our lives that has been stagnant because we have felt inadequate. I believe that we can become so used to this “feeling” that it can become second nature to us. We can go through life missing out on the steps God wants us to take and therefore on the purpose He has created us for. I believe that there is more within us than we give ourselves credit for. I believe that the same God that created the heavens and the earth is the God that formed us in our mother’s wombs, the one that has placed purpose, destiny, gifts, and talents in us. This God that wants to build our faith as He challenges what we think is impossible and graciously shows us that with Him all things are possible.

I believe it’s time! It’s time that we tap into the power found in Jesus, into the promises He has spoken over our lives and into the strength and boldness that only He can give. It’s time that we decide not to allow circumstances or voices from our past or present to dictate our future and what God can do in it. It’s time that we believe wholeheartedly that in the same way God helped and used Moses even when he felt unqualified, that He will help and use us as we are faithful to step out in obedience every time He calls us forth.

Know that your best days are ahead! You are not alone, you have people that believe in you and are cheering you on, and most importantly you have God on your side!


Author: Diana S.



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