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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

When I think about a Home, I think about the warmth, and comfort there is in one. It’s the place where you go to relax, get comfortable, and be yourself.

As I think about our Church and Heart for the House offering on October 29th, that’s exactly what comes to mind. That we are building a Home. That we are that place. That we will do everything we can to continue making sure it’s a home for so many all over our city.

We need to be a Home where anyone and everyone can come in. A Home for the lost, broken, and hurt, where they can find direction, wholeness, and healing. Where the doors are always open and it will be free of judgment and barriers, but be full of love and hope. Especially in a city like Miami. Our city is a vibrant one full of life and fun, but at the same time full of brokenness and without hope. Our prayer is that our Church would be a beacon of light, a place of refuge, and a home for all.

I love this House. Diana and I walked into Calvary Church in 2010. We were looking for a Church that had the same heart that we had, the same spirit, and the same vision we saw for our City. At the end of the day, we were looking for a Home. A lot has happened in the last 7 years, but the relationships, lessons learned, and impact on our lives have been that of a lifetime. We have been able to witness so much of God’s grace and how it can make beautiful things out of our messes. I have seen the hopeless find hope, the sick get healed, and the lost be found in this Home. Every week we get reports of lives changed and people who are grateful for this Home. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all that God has done, yet we know that God wants to do more!

Our prayer is that Calvary will always be a Home filled with people that have big faith, big expectations, and a big vision; that we will always realize that God desires to use us. This is why we say that we “Worship like it all depends on God, and work like it all depends on us.” We are not waiting for someone else or something else to help love and serve our city, but recognize that God has chosen us to be the light. We are the hands and feet of Jesus here on Earth. We know that in order to make a difference our prayers for our city must be accompanied with our actions. It’s the only proper response to everything that God has done in our lives.

My heart for this House is full of passion, excitement, and expectancy. My heart is believing for all that God wants to do. Every week I think about this great city and the opportunities there are to help millions of people. In a world where we can easily be drowned in bad news and negativity, I believe the Church has to be bolder and louder than ever with the Good News of Jesus Christ! That’s why we are saying, “We Can’t Stop.” As long as we have air in our lungs, and God's grace on us, we will continue to advance! We can’t stop and won’t stop talking about Jesus, the Hope of Humanity!

I love this House and believe that our best days are ahead of us! I pray that you join us on October 29th by bringing a special offering for Heart for the House; an offering that is going to bless Our Home, Our City, and Our World! We know that alone we can do something, but together we can do a Great Thing! Because I truly believe that for this House, the best is yet to come!



Alex Sagot



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