No Words Needed

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pastor John Gray joined the Calvary family this past weekend with a message titled “No Words Needed”. In Luke 7:37-50 we see Jesus in the house of a Pharisee named Simon, and also a sinful woman that came with an alabaster jar of oil. As she stood weeping, she wet His feet with her tears at the same time she wiped those tears with her hair because she did not have a towel.

This passage show us how religion will cause us to have shame and condemn us, until we have an encounter with Christ and grace brings us to an authentic relationship with Christ. The sinful woman had more integrity than the Pharisees because they were judges of others sins but lawyers of their own sin.

We cannot judge people, only God can do it and HIS word is healing to us. We see a sinful woman bringing a whole year of wages in a jar of oil, trying with her own effort to act clean. But Jesus cleans us from the inside out and because she gave everything she had Jesus gave her what she didn’t have, she came in pieces and Jesus gave her peace.


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