Thursday, June 01, 2017

There are few things that completely annoy me, and I have to admit that at the top of that list is when someone says: RELAX! RELAX! 

Just to think about it, it warms my blood a little instantly, I do not know if it's my nature which is that I'm always doing something or thinking about thousands of things at the same time: work, family, things that I have to buy, the infinite list of things I did not get to do last week, the calls I have to make, the messages or emails that I have not answered, I guess it is just the feeling that I like things either "now or right now"... In other words, in a self-evaluative sentence: I have a toxic obsession to have control of everything.

It really is something that I am dealing with a lot, at this stage of my life... A few months ago with my wife and I took a few vacation days and when we came back, I had some very overwhelming days with all the new things that I wanted to do and with those which I had to bring up to date... You can already imagine my frustration with what I just mentioned above. I was going crazy!!!

And then after all that, I opened up my little devotional book during my personal time with God and I read this:

If God gives such attention to the wildflowers, most of them never even seen, don't you think he'll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you? Luke 12:28 MSG

Better said... God in other words was telling me to "RELAX!"... The truth hurts, right? And that’s how God acts, always as a good friend with His challenging words, definitely His word is alive and He is interested in our lives and the things we are going through.

So, if you are a "control freak" like me... Today I want to motivate us to focus more on "being" than "doing"... To trust His words, to be partakers that He has everything under control, to be his children and not only His servants, people who think before speaking, that are calmed, to “be” worshipers in Spirit and truth than just “doers” in Spirit and in truth... In being what God has called us to be instead of doing so much things that we forget the reason for which we exist. He will continue always to do His best for us and we need to rest on that.

So, today take a deep breath, relax and trust that He is in control... Not you!


PS: This is the devotional book I use, it is amazing!!!

The Message Solo New Testament: An Uncommon Devotional

by Eugene H. Peterson

Amazon Link:



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