The Long Haul

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Then, I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? And I said, ‘Here am I, Send me!’” Isaiah 6:8.

I had a dream years ago that completely changed my perspective on the reasons for and the responsibility that comes with commitment. For me, dreaming usually takes place vividly; and, more often, during my energetic awake times. Not this dream, however, which happened between the space of deep sleep and my phone-alarm waking me up. What was key was the timing of the dream. I had this dream quite a few years after saying an emphatic “Yes!” to blaze the Kingdom trail for God all the days of my life.

I dreamt that I was blazing the speedway trails at primo speed in a racecar. And although I was way ahead of the other drivers, I was an obvious hazard, simply because my speed lacked professional skill, ethics and insight. I hugged the corners of the track unskillfully, much too close to the outside wall, and was potentially headed for danger. Not only to myself but the drivers heading towards me. I recognized that a decision needed to be made with no time for deep contemplation. Strategizing a pullover in the limited space between the track and the outside edge had to be done as quickly as my next breath. It happened! I pulled off the track and witnessed the bullet speed racecars whizzing past me with enviable expertise as though the drivers knew all along that they would have to exercise exceptional skill at this particular curve on the racetrack if they wanted to make it to the finish unscathed.

I awoke with clarity and immediate acknowledgement of the revelation I had been given. The interpretation of the dream was uncomplicated and the blueprint of ‘Zeal without Management’ was obvious. I somehow knew this was not only for reflection or Blogging but also for real-life application. What developed over the years has been a newly formed perspective on my recognition of God’s call, and my response when I said, “Here I am Lord send me.” I began to pay attention in how I was honoring my commitment, which had no time measurement, just a journey.

Over the years, I have recognized that the journey is a process of experiences where choices are mandatory. Saying yes to serve the Lord in my ‘life journey’ is no small thing. I made a choice to process my calling with discipline. I stay mindful that I am not called to trail blaze God’s Kingdom at bullet speed, but to be a disciple whose every move makes a difference in the lives that I am affecting.

Prayer has become the powerful key in the ignition that moves me beyond the start line of my calling to the finish line of my accomplishment. God’s call is my reality, which makes obedience non-optional. I realize there is a huge difference between sufficiency and excess. My focus is on what God calls me to do and not to overload that commission. I’m on my 32nd year of being a disciple. My aim is to stay obedient to the call until He calls me home.

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Arlene Hoffman


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