The Story of an Intern

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Since I joined the worship team 4 years ago, I've felt myself become obsessed with building the Kingdom of God and His church. I've also been drawn to the community at Calvary, truly feeling the love of Jesus here.  During the 4 years of service, I could feel God pushing me out of my comfort zone with leadership responsibilities and opportunities, taking me to new heights that could only be reached with Him.  Ironically, these were the same heights which brought me to my knees.  God humbled me and showed me to place all glory and honor on Him.  In February, Nate Meyst our worship pastor, offered me a 6 month worship-internship position, to which I gave the “good Christian” answer, “I’ll pray about it.”  Suddenly, God began to shift things in our church in a huge way.  I stopped praying and finally listened to what He wanted me to do.  I began to feel that I was on an urgent assignment to dig my heels in and build where I was planted (what I felt the Lord speak to me).  I accepted the internship offer and it was the best decision I could have made.

It was made clear to me by the leadership of the church that I would not be a “coffee-fetcher” or a copygirl.  I would be discipled and mentored, not summoned and misemployed.  It was also made clear that I wouldn’t be handling any tasks that my leaders would not be willing to do themselves. Pastor Nate, along with everyone involved in this internship, has upheld these principles in every way, taking every opportunity to teach me and mentor me on all things worship and leadership.  Never once did any of them ask me to make phone calls or complete any projects they wouldn't make or complete themselves.

This internship has grown me in countless ways.  I have learned to simplify a worship experience down to it’s core, breaking down the basics of what God needs from me in that moment, and adding only purposeful creativity.  This experience has also taught me about the inner-workings of a church devoted to showing people Jesus’s love and light.  All week long so many things happen “behind the scenes” involving a group of people whose hearts are completely sold out for God, determined to build His church to ensure services happen on Sunday.  Through this I have learned the importance of loving people.  I’m not always up for being in social settings but when the love of Jesus is inside you and you realize we are all on a mission to spread that love, there’s no time to waste.  I am so thankful to the Lord for opening my eyes to the people around me that I can pour into, just as I am being poured into by my mentors.  Recently I’ve learned the importance of teamwork, especially while producing our Christmas Night of Wonder.  I could not have done any of it alone.  I’m just a kid who someone believed in and handed a mic to.  To God be all of the glory. I’m just happy to be here.



Lauren Llanes



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