We are One

Monday, May 02, 2016

On a message titled “We are one”, Pastor Sagot questioned us if are we matching what we are saying about God? We need to walk the walk and talk the talk!

Ephesian 4:1-16 reminds us that the blessings of God are not around where there are fights, arguments and division; it opens the door for the enemy to come in our lives.Our Lord wants us united in love, humbleness and gentleness and having the love for each other. The same love that saved us is the same love that should shape us.

God wants us united in peace (See Psalm 133) and then the Lord will send the blessings to us. Therefore, let’s not live isolated or by ourselves, because that is when curses come to our lives and then we don’t have anyone to fight with us. What is your gift?! We need each other to keep the church going.

What’s your calling?

We all need to be formed, filled and function….We have to walk like Jesus, showing it to others because it will make a change in our lives


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